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Selling or buying a house?

Our office works hand in hand with Realtors and homeowners. We kindly ask that you email the entire Inspection report, as well Inspection Objections, if available, to our main email,

Once we receive the information in its entirety, we ask for 2 business days to turn an estimate for repairs around. This gives our Office enough time to compile the electrical data given, and organize it into an estimate. We then pass it along to our Electrical Estimator, who reviews the reports, estimate, and helps put a market value price to bring all issues to meet the National Electrical Code. This estimate is free.

Occasionally we are asked to certify or “sign-off” on work that homeowners have done themselves. We do have to charge for this on-site assessment hourly, due to the fact devices may have to be visually inspected.

Happy House hunting!

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